Vectorworks Spotlight

To make plans, technical and customer drawings, visuals, reports, … we use the drawing program Vectorworks Spotlight . It is a complete CAD program that allows us to make a complete file. The strong points are:
– Drawings in 2D or 3D.
– A large existing library but not just light;) (sound, video, layher, …).
– Report of wiring, truss, motors, rigging, lamps, accessories, … In short, everything that can be put in a drawing.
– Calculation of load on the rigging points and of the weight distribution on the bridges.
– 2D and 3D visual: image, video, 360 °, panoramic, virtual reality, …
– Pre-programming with Vision.

The good news is that in association with Robe and MaLighting , they developed a new type of file, the GDTF (General Device Type Format). This includes all the information such as 3D but also all the light characteristics, DMX information, … This makes it an exchange file between the different platforms (console, drawing program, viewer, …). This clearly means that a drawing made on Vectorworks Spotlight can be exported to MVR (My Virtual Rig) and import into a console (MA3, Chamsys, Hog, …) or a viewer like Vision . No more problem of device, mode, patch, … Everything is in it !!! Nice no?

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